Roady’s Rewards And Shower Program Guidelines

Updated 4/24/2024

Earning Rewards:

  1. Cardholders earn one point or penny for every gallon purchased.
  2. A shower is earned with the purchase of 75 or more gallons of diesel fuel.


  1. Points and showers can be redeemed at any participating location.


  1. Points are not redeemable for cash or transferable to other rewards programs.
  2. Points cannot be used for certain purchases, including fuel, alcohol, tobacco, or lottery products.
  3. Points expire if not redeemed after one (1) year.
  4. Showers expire, if not redeemed, after fourteen (14) days.

Responsibility and Liability:

  1. Roady's is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.
  2. Any tax liability resulting from rewards issuance or receipt is the responsibility of the cardholder.
  3. Roady’s reserves the right to audit, alter, or cancel the program at any time.
  4. In cases of fraud or abuse, Roady’s reserves the right to take appropriate action, including revocation of rewards points or card cancellation.


  1. Truck Stops and affiliates make no guarantees or warranties regarding merchandise or services obtained through the program.
  2. Roady’s is not liable for delays or failures beyond its control.
  3. Governing Law; the program is governed by the laws of the State of Idaho.

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