Roady's and PTP Have Joined Forces!


[Boise, Idaho, January 1, 2024] - Roady's Truck Stop Group, a leader in th truck stop industry, proudly announces they have joined forces with Professional Transportation Partners (PTP), effective January 1, 2024. This partnership signifies a monumental step for both organizations, poised to expand our network of locations and synergies that will redefine the landscape of the truckstop industry.

Founded in January 2007, Roady's Truck Stop Group has rapidly expanded, currently boasting a network of over 300 members spanning 38 states. PTP, established in February 1996, has become a trusted name with over 125 truck stops and 35 service centers under its brand. Together, these two industry leaders are set to create a powerhouse with an unparalleled reach and service offering.

This strategic alliance positions Roady's for significant advancements, particularly in the expansion of its Rewards program and Direct Fuel Sales program. Leveraging the strengths of PTP's vendor programs and the growing service center program, Roady's aims to deliver even greater value to its customers.

Burt Newman Jr. will continue to lead the PTP truck stop group bringing his wealth of experience and leadership.

The unified vision of the companies is to foster the growth of independent truck stops, elevate diesel sales, boost brand awareness, and strengthen customer loyalty programs. Automation and technology will be key drivers in achieving these objectives, ensuring a seamless and innovative experience for truckers and customers alike.

Scott Rhinehart, Interim CEO of Roady's Truck Stop Group, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "This strategic partnership positions us to better serve the trucking community. Our combined expertise and pooled resources will lead to new ways to deliver and manage critical information and system support, opening up numerous growth opportunities across this expanded network."

The joint efforts of Roady's and PTP reflect a commitment to innovation and excellence. By combining their strengths, the companies are primed to shape the future of the independent truck stop industry.

For further information or to inquire about Roady's Truck Stop Group and Professional Transportation Partners, please call 888-540-2909.

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