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Fuel Marketing

Compete with other National Chains

Our fuel department markets our locations to fleets in the dual efforts of retaining current gallons on your current business and getting new gallons from new fleets.  We have the answer for fleets with whatever fueling solution they might need – local, regional, or national.  We forge relationships by helping them reduce their fueling costs while matching them with our locations.

Lane Pricing Analysis/Alerts

Roady’s can help you set up specific lanes where you can monitor your competition’s pricing as well as receive notifications when their prices change.

Fuel Card Management

Roady’s will assist in getting you set up with Roady’s fuel card preferred rates.  Roady’s will advocate on each locations behalf with any fuel card programs.

Discount and Fee Assistance

Roady’s can analyze provided fuel settlement reports in order to monitor proper administration of your discounts and fees.

Roady’s Fuelman Program

Roady’s allows you to make more money on every Fuelman transaction.

Fuel Cost Components

Roady’s will notify, upon request by location, fuel card processors of the location’s fuel cost components.

Default Fuel Bids

You can set up your default fuel bids with the option of cost plus or retail minus.

R-Check – “Direct Bill”

You will have access to our R-Check program which is a direct bill program for certain fleets that are looking for national fueling solutions but don’t want to have multiple individual accounts.

IT Fuel Card

Roady’s own branded Fleet One fuel card.

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