Roady’s Launches Hyperloop - All Truck Stops to be connected by 2020


Roady’s Truck Stops is announcing the first interstate Hyperloop system to connect all 376 of its existing truck stops and convenience stores. The idea of a functional high-speed Hyperloop, a concept proposed by Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, has intrigued tech titans and transit enthusiasts since Musk unveiled specifics of the technology in 2013.

Roady’s will use the network of Hyperloop vacuum tubes to propel pods of freight at speeds exceeding 700 mph. The development will dramatically reduce shipping times across hundreds of industries as it promises to revolutionize cost, timing, and environmental impacts of the logistics industry.

While most transportation experts focus on autonomous and electric trucks as the next big thing in logistics, Matt Patterson, CEO of Roady’s, explained, “We decided to vault past those projections and dive straight into the Hyperloop space. When we looked at ways we could be innovative, we decided to go all the way. As Wayne Gretsky famously said ‘I skate to where the puck is going to be, not to where it has been.’”

Roady’s Hyperloop system will be designed for freight only and will not transport any passengers or livestock. Patterson commented, “Moving passengers and livestock at 700 miles per hour with nascent technology is no doubt messy and fraught with potential issues whereas moving insured well-packaged freight leaves more room for the few mistakes that will inevitably occur.”

Rather than wait on new infrastructure investments in the aging US highway system, the Hyperloop network will allow for immediate innovation while saving money in the process. As Elon Musk noted on Ttwitter last month discussing the topic of overpriced and deadline- missing infrastructure projects: “True root cause imo is an exponential growth in bureaucracy & a self-serving private sector consultant industry earning a % on project cost, incenting them to maximize cost.”

Roadys is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a more efficient interstate transit system. With locations across 38 states and strong ties to top -tier shippers and brokers, Roady’s is poised to disrupt traditional long- haul logistics. Wall Street analysts say it’s an unexpected development, but that shares of competing logistics companies are trading up on news that the strategy could be copied by other truck stop operators in the industry including Pilot Flying J (owned by Warren Buffett), Love’s and TA Petro (NSYE: TA)

It’s undecided at this time whether Roadys will contract with SpaceX Hyperloop, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) or the recently rebranded Virgin Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop One, prior to the insertion of Richard Branson as prime mover and chairman). With the most ambitious routes yet and a “freight only” perspective, both of the Hyperloop companies are jockeying at the chance to partner with Roady’s. Patterson remarks, “I’d really like to partner with Elon since he had the sheer audacity to send his car into space. But maybe Sir Richard will up the ante by sending his autographed Keith Richards guitar to Mars.”

For partners interested in moving freight on the Roady’s Hyperloop network please contact:

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